What You Missed in the Media but  Shouldn’t Have

A weekly summary of articles about Slovenian startups, startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs in Slovenian and international media.

June 23-29

The Backbone

(article in English)

 BitStamp, one of the hottest Slovenian startups caught the eye of Forbes journalist Kashmir Hill. Find out what is going on in the world of Bitcoin and how one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges was created in Kranj The Bitcoin Economy’s ‘Backbone’ Is Bitstamp, An Exchange Run By Two Young Slovenians.

The jump

(article in Slovenian)

In Slovenia startups are still considered to be “for young people only” and not something professionals with developed careers in international companies would embark on. Thankfully more and more senior Slovenian professionals are choosing startup as their next carrier challenge. In the article “Nothing can be done? Oh, come on, even a jump in the unknown is a success story” you can read about how Aleš Leskošek exchanged the security of working for IBM for the adrenalin rush of being an entrepenuer.

Saving lives

(article in Slovenian)

Slovenian startup Vervteh is an example of how making a business and a need for making the world a better place can go hand in hand. Young entrepreneurs are developing a driving simulator for cars with the goal to offer a system that enhances the driver’s reactions in deadly situations on the road.  You can find more details in the article “With electronic education against deaths on the road”.


(article in Slovenian)

Social platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, are very important channels for sales, promotion and marketing for every startups. But using the platforms and creating viral content is hard and time consuming work. With that in mind the Slovenian startup Arboobro created an app called Tweet a day that automatically creates the best possible tweets for your business. More in the article “When the application tweets for you”.


June 16-22

Last week 40 students innovated in wood, what will CubeSensors do with the recently closed investment money and why Indiegogo is better than Kickstarter for small innovative companies.

  • Last week CubeSensors got their seed investment from founders of Bitstamp, another Slovenian startup. “After two years of learning we plan to use the investment for team and production growth and new product development”, stated the CubeSensors. More in Bitstamp founders invest in CubeSensors.
  • “We women are very goal oriented, we connect ideas and teams and seek agreement. Our advantages are emotional intelligence, empathy and intuition.” Learn how the company Comtrade supports women in tech in this article –  They connect teams & ideas and seek agreement.