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Ukmarje 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Building C, Entrance CII, 1st floor

12:00 – 14:00
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Electronic paper solutions: our platform, your digital signage.
Joan is conference room assistant that provides flawless meeting room scheduling and is a nice door sign at the same time, displaying if the room is available for a meeting or taken and reminding you to book a room for your meeting every time.

The sign, i.e. display unit is Visionect’s V Tablet – robust, waterproof and wireless. The solution
is hosted in the cloud on Windows Azure and supports integration with Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, as well as Google Apps.

Team mix:

We count about 20 and we’re growing.

Most of us are engineers: hardware, software and firmware development ninjas. Business administration, sales and marketing are smaller in count, but not neglectable.


Our company culture is:

Visionect is a young high tech company with tons of wires, circuit boards and an alien in the office.

When not developing, the team enjoys breaths of fresh forest air and views of beautiful landscapes. For that reason, we choose to support sustainable solutions and deploy electronic paper with a minimal environmental impact, resulting in digital signs which take pride in extremely low energy consumption. And yes, we play table tennis and we play it hard!


2015: Postscapes IoT Best Retail Application (runner up)
2010: Seedcamp Week Finalist
2010: Intel Challenge 2010 Eastern Europe (semi finalist)
2010: Mobile Premiere Awards Barcelona (finalist, top 13 worldwide startups)
2010: SeedCamp Zagreb Winner
2009: Slovenian Forum of Innovation (best innovation)
2009: BoundBreaker, Brezmejnik (winner)
2008: Finalists of Best Slovenian Start:up
2008: Finalists of Best entrepreneurial idea