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Toonia is a brand which represents the most creative, educational and beautiful apps for kids.

Our mission is to give kids something they would love to play with, but that would also encourage them to think creatively and teach them skills that will come useful later in their lives. Our apps are designed to stimulate kids’ imagination. We keep our products simple so kids can pick them up right away, but opened to endless possibilities so they can never get bored playing with them.

You will like our apps because they are good for you kids’ development, but your kids will love them because they are fun.

Team mix:

1 product owner

2 designers/illustrators

2 developers (mobile apps, iOS)

Our company culture is all about:

Fun, fun, fun! And we have our own DJ Boris.


Winner of the Creative Child Magazine’s 2013 Top App of the Year and Creative Play of the Year Awards

Winner of the Spring 2013 Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award

Interested in children’s digital toys, design, mobile technology? Come by.