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the kiwi factory- logo

Startup Crawl 2015 logo

Tobačna street 5, 1000 Ljubljana
2nd floor (We share the building with Hekovnik startup school, Poligon coworking space and Public Administration office. Climb the stairs to the 2nd floor for that little bit of much needed exercise and continue past the glass door through a long corridor and look for our navigation signs. In case you and your navigation system will not be able to locate us, our CTO Boštjan will gladly help you hack your way to our office. Here is his number: +386 41 272 461. Looking forward to meeting you, so does our Oculus Rift DK2!)

08:30 – 12:30
13:30 – 21:30

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Focused on productivity hardware and software for micro and small business owners, we are making business management a pleasure not a chore.

Team mix:

We are currently a team of 6 people, searching to employ 4 more to kick our business and development operations to the next gear. There are currently 3 people working in technology development and 2 in business development/marketing section.

oreo cakeThe Kiwi Factory crew is a mixed group of smart people sharing common interests and technology development inspiration. We care deeply for our team’s well-being and positive group dynamics. Cool offices, amazing gadgets, flexible working hours, fitness membership and a great spirit are just some perks that we cater to our employees.

Our company culture is all about:

constant learning and personal development: yup, we actually enjoy doing it- reading, webinars, conferences, exclusive seminars and knowledge sharing workshop for employees- we are fully aware that the The Kiwi Factory added-value capacity is fueled by our employees knowledge and this is what we love to invest in.
sports, well-being and recreation: mens sana in corpore sano – we offer free fitness memberships and you can lift weights with our CEO Nick. CTO Boštjan can also join or take you to shoot some hoops in the basketball court. Maja is more of an outdoors person, so a lively walk, light run, a cycling excursion or a jump in the sea is something that you can enjoy.
socializing and traveling: wine and dine, buddy! Work hard, play hard, they say and we agree.
gaming: the games we like the most are MineCraft, 1010, GTA 5, etc.
design: we believe that good design makes our lives easier, more productive and beautiful.Therefore, we really enjoy to implement well-designed solution in our work and life.
cooking (2 people) & food tasting (7 people): we are blessed to have culinary enthusiasts and bloggers in our team. Tasting awesome dishes, desserts and snack is something that we dearly appreciate. Thanks Nina, Maja & Blurred Limes!

There is no clear consensus what our office animal will be yet, but we definitely want one. And darts. And table tennis.

suit up friday- the kiwi factoryWe also have a funny ritual called “suit-up friday”. It is an ironic statement for corpo “casual friday”. Of course there is no dress-code at Kiwi’s, but we somehow grew attached on carrying the suit-up Friday. We like to engage in open conversations, constructive opinion exchange and and our office door is always open for everyone who would like to discuss their business idea, test gadgets or simply have a chat with us.

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