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Startup Crawl 2015 logo

Tržaška 2,1000 Ljubljana

Big builiding directly behind the no.6 bus station, 2nd floor, office 115

15:00 – 19:00

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Sqwiz is the fastest website builder for small businesses.You can instantly build a personalized and fully responsive website on top of your Facebook Page.

Sqwiz utilizes all previously entered information about your business such as name, location, phone, operating hours, photos, Facebook posts to build a modern and mobile ready website. All the elements imported from Facebook are easily editable.

Furthermore you can also adjust visual experience such as design, colors, fonts, background and add some additional content to your website with our drag&drop editor. Website building and editing can be done on desktop, tablet or phone.We made it super easy to update your website content regularly with FB News and FB Gallery app. Both apps saves you a lot of time editing your website. FB News imports different types of Facebook posts as news on a website, FB Gallery imports selected photos from Facebook into a website gallery.


Team mix
  • 2 hackers

  • 1 designer

  • 1 business hustler

Our company culture is all about

Smoothies & booze. Dogs & cats. Football & golf. Vegans & carnivores. Hackers & creatives.

We’re Sqwiz. So different, yet so connected in shared vision to make small business owners’ online presence less miserable and more profitable.