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Stegne 23, 1000 Ljubljana

You can find us next to famous Slovenian secret agency SOVA in the building of Iskra zaščite in industrial zone Stegne. We do not have a sign on the door so please come on time or call us on 041/641-275.


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Professional business reporting without impplementation hassle

SASH reporting service brings monthly insight in company‘s business with professional reports and without hassles with implementation and preparation of data. Reports are corporate grade and include (among others) professional dashboard with KPIs and cash-flow projection together. Last, but not least, SASH reporting service costs less than internal costs for preparation of such reports in invidiual company.

Team mix:

Our team currently consists of 4 people with share stats going like this 🙂 : 25% engineers, 25% biz dev and 50% operations.

Our company culture is all about:

Work hard, play hard”” best decribes the way we do business… and work… and our life attitude in general…

Our office is small, but has all the modern amenities – fridge, air-con and BOB 🙂 We also have covered bike parking. And mandatory “”Srečno Kekec”” sticker on the door 🙂