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Tehnološki park 18, 1000 Ljubljana
14:00 – 16:00 unpredictable situation / last minute change

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Every place should be easy to find.

naymit productNaymit is an app (web and Android) which lets you mark, share and find exact locations. It is designed for regions where the official street address system does not ensure correct navigations. Using Naymit, you create one word addresses that are easy to communicate both in conversation and writing.

Team mix:

CEO – product design & management and a hundred other things running a startup demands
CTO – tech stuff
Lead Designer – magic

Our company culture is all about:

The core team (CEO, CTO) spends half the time looking firmly at their respective screens. A quarter of the time or so is spent drawing on a whiteboard where ideas are sketched – they range from world-changing league to those that are best erased immediately. The remaining time is dedicated to chatter and eating out. As additional team members join, they are thrown in this startup culture, trying to swim as well as they can.

So far no one has drowned.

  • Startup acceleration programme
  • Wayra Germany acceleration programme
  • Balkan Venture Forum Sarajevo Award Winner