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Dunajska cesta 156, 1000 Ljubljana
Inside WTC (big glass building next to Austria Trend hotel),
2nd floor, door on the right out of the elevators (Modra Jagoda logo)

14:00 – 16:00
16:00 – 18:00

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We provide physicians with immediate drug information on mobile.

Our apps are the fastest way to get accurate and up-to-date information about dosing, interactions with other drugs, prices and much more, all in the physician’s local language. We’ve launched in 4 markets so far (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Czech Republic), and we’ve quickly climbed to the #1 spot among medical apps in all of them.

Team mix:

iPhone 6 Main Screen 2

We’re very engineer heavy:
4 developers,
1 business developer
1 community manager

Marko Nikolovski is the iOS developer (lead designer as well), Nejc Tomšič does Android (doctor by education), Darko Bodnaruk is our CTO and Nejc Jelovčan is our full stack dev. Blaž Triglav runs the business development, sales and administration, while Jan Osolnik is in charge of talking to our users, getting feedback, and making sure we are on top of what our users want.

Our company culture is:

When we’re not discussing Star Trek economics or the impending singularity, we tend to play some intense games of table tennis (we’re always only a step away from pivoting into a table tennis team).

Speaking of table tennis, we welcome all challengers, if you beat the entire team, we’ll buy you a sixpack and post about your win on our corpo Twitter.
The office soundtrack varies from classical and Taylor Swift to rap and Parov Stellar. Safe to say, headphones are mandatory for everyone.


Dobra Praksa 2014, the Daring (Drzni) award – an award from Medicina Danes, the most highly rated medical magazine in Slovenia, for innovations in healthcare.

We’d like to meet anyone who is interested in health-tech, healthcare or the pharma industry as a field, has had experience with it or just wants to chat about it with us. Anyone who is our user is also extremely welcome, we love talking to you, and always learn about new things we could improve.
And of course, anyone who just wants to hang out with us, our door is open for you!