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Just ring Genialis and you’ll find us at the 5th floor.

Friendly Bioinformatics

We are developing friendly web software for biological data analysis (both on premise and cloud-based). Big data analysis and interactive visualizations and most attractive buzzwords. No programming, no scripting, no hassle for biologists.

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Team mix:

We are 4 intertwined subteams, 8 full-time employees and 3-4 students.

4 customer & business development people
5 software development people
3 service projects people
4 workshops people

Our company culture is all about:

We like to be together and work together. We make sure we have fun every day. We take care of our relationships.

We respect each other. We are all co-founders. We chat at gene tonics.

We are excited about merging biology and computers. We are highly informal internally and highly professional to our customers. We like data. We like science. We enjoy.


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TechPeaks batch #1 alumni
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