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Ganxy is an e-commerce system optimized for digital content (ebooks, streaming video, music).
Tobačna Tovarna, Tržaška 2, 1000 Ljubljana
2nd floor: RP Kvadrat, 2-115
8:00 – 10:00, 16:00 – 18:00
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We typically work remote, so there’s a huge amount of flexibility – but everyone needs to be a good communicator, self-motivated, and highly focused. Ganxy is an American company, but our team is typically all over the world.

Team of 6: 50% product (frontend, backend, UX+design) and 50% business (sales, support, strategy).

Ganxy gives content providers, including authors, musicians, filmmakers, and content-generating businesses, the tools that protect access to their content. To their customers Ganxy provides a friendly user interface for acquiring access and support. With Ganxy, content providers can offer digital content to consumers in exchange for payment, information, or any other action. This enables them to more effectively use their distribution channels – websites, social media, ad networks, and more – to market, capture leads, and generate revenues. Ganxy, founded in 2009, is based in New York

Have a read using our tools:

Our customers include:

  • the Governor of Utah,
  • United Nations,
  • The Guardian,
  • the founder of Marriott,
  • billionaires Mark Cuban and Glenn Beck.

We’re the top app with #1 music distributor in USA, The Orchard.


Always looking for interesting people:

And if you have the skills, the willpower and the ethics, email us indicating how you can improve Ganxy in your first week with us: and provide some evidence why you could do it. We’re a small company, and there’s enormous opportunity for growth.

marketing & PR

user experience & design

Ruby/Python development

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