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At Edgar we help companies build up their brands and win their customers with powerful stories.

We’re hacking the advertising industry so it would finally work for the little guy.
We connect brands to the best creatives (writers, illustrators, photographers) through the StoryMarket, where they create great stories. Together.
edgar product80% of the process is automated, while 20% remains in the hands of a dedicated creative director. To ensure top quality and timely delivery. Edgar delivers the quality of an add agency but is more transparent, faster and more affordable. Compared to the competition, we care about the whole story, not a single piece of content.
With Edgar, brands get their advertising partner which handles project management, content strategy and assembles the rockstar team to create and distribute the stories. Armed with their stories, brands present, promote, sell and engage with an impact.

Team mix:

Everyone has his own tasks – max 3 at the time, and max 2 people working on it.

There’s plenty of us already:
1 developer
1 product person
2 designers (and a community of freelancers)
2 marketing/sales.

Our company culture is all about:

We do like to have fun! Edgars are the ones who are quirky, geeky, and those who get their things done. Fast 🙂

At the end we do like to be productive, and have lots of fun at what we do. Yes, sometimes is also quiet in the HQ, but most of the time there’s some party music on, people are visualizing stuff around the office (yes, even the dev part), almost all the time you can smell coffee and grab a cookie on our table. Or an apple. Sometimes even babies collaborate with Edgar 😉

  • Won 1st & 2nd place AngelHack Berlin (May 2013)
  • Finals Mini SeedCamp Rijeka + Vienna (July – Nov 2013)
  • Idea Validation in the US (San Francisco + Oregon) – (June – Nov 2013)
  • TC Disrupt (SF + Berlin), Pioneers Festival (Vienna), winners at Pitch Competition at Slush (Helsinki, Finland). – (June – Dec 2013)
  • Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund (Sofia, Bulgaria). – (Dec 2013 – April 2014)
  • 2nd place at SparkME (July 2014)
  • 1st place at Coinvest Balkan Venture Forum (2014)

We’re always open to open minded & wild creatives having fun at what they craft.


Always looking for interesting people

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