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Startup Crawl 2015 logo

Gozdna pot 7, 1000 Ljubljana
tip: Do not use GPS navigation to find us. Do approach our building from the west direction.Follow this path of the last few hundred meters:

14:00 – 16:00

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Games. For gamers. With passion.

Team mix

We’re a team of 7:
1 artist, 3 game developers, 5 game designers, 2 computer vision scientists, 2 iOS specialists, 2 Android hackers, 5 back-end developers, 3 database administrators, 2 javascript-fu masters, 3 software architects,  2 project overseers, 1 marketing guy, 1 PR guy, 2 copy-writers and a community manager…

….but basically – 1 art director and 6 computer scientists.

Our company culture is all about:

We enjoy playing hard-core games, and playing games hard-core.

We broke three Rock Band drum pedals, four Guitar Hero guitars and a microphone. We also enjoy coffee and ćevapčići from ’10 v pol’. Sometimes, we make viral-wannabe videos.

  • Roll Back Home – IMGA “Best Upcoming Game” nomination.
  • Dream of Pixels – multiple game of the day, week, month and year awards and press recognition.