Events and jobs April 2-8, 2018

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Big News x 2

It arrived!
@igzebedze and @tomaz added up the numbers and another record-breakingSilicon Gardens Yearly Infographic is here again, but that’s not all. Tomorrow (this Wednesday) at 5pm they will present it publicly and open up a media supported roundtable discussion of the sector with representatives of competing political parties.

Opportunities ahead:

This week

TU 3.4.
16:00 Miti in resnice o GDPR/Myths and truths about GDPR, Maribor
19:05 Startup Müsli: Turn your smartphone into a real wallet, Maribor

WED 4.4.
9:00 Sophos Forum 2018 – computer safety seminar, Ljubljana
16:30 User identities management, Ljubljana

17:00 Press conference: Slovenian startup ecosystem, Ljubljana

THU 5.4.
8:00, Ljubljana
9:00 Key process optimization and introducing lean operational tactics, Kočevje
12:30 Lean leadership in agile business culture, Kočevje
18:00 UX Monthly Meetup, Ljubljana

FRI 6.4.
8:00, Ljubljana

New job this week:

Still relevant:

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