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Friendly internet solutions.

We help small and medium companies build and maintain their online presence as effortlessly and successfully as possible.

From a simple yet important domain to a heavy-duty VPS server, you can find everything in one place. Years of hard work and succesfull acqusitions have made us the largest web service company in the Adriatic region. Even though the group is comprised of three different companies, we are one tight-knit team of enthusiastic young(-ish) individuals, ranging from geeks to proper ladies (sometimes both in one person).

Team mix:

Today Klaro Group (Domenca is a part of it) employs more than 30 coworkers. Most of them are developers or technical support, but some also in sales, marketing, design …

Our company culture is…

We work hard, taking care of 18.000 customers and developing new products, and we play hard, either on the baseball field, on a marathon track or at one of our epic Guitar Hero/karaoke/pancake company parties.